The Vagabondary Bus

a traveling popup shop based out of a '78 Volkswagen Transporter

Old and new. Handmade and remade. Upcycled and recycled.

The Vagabondary Bus

Meet Eileen, a spunky girl from 1978.

In her former life, Eileen was a movie star. Her previous owners bought her to be in a feature film. Now she's been renovated and revived and retrofitted as a mobile store full of original graphic apparel, artwork, and paper goods, as well as vintage and vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. 

The Vagabondary Bus

Original Apparel + Art

From t-shirts to greeting cards to mugs and so much in between. These unique goods have been designed by hand for the adventurous spirit. 

The Vagabondary Bus

Vintage fashion + Goods

Shop a curated collection of vintage and vintage-inspired clothes, shoes, and accessories. The selection includes preloved goods from the last 50+ years. 

The Vagabondary Bus

A ONe-of-a-kind Experience

The Vagabondary Bus is a shopping experience like nothing else. Take a trip back in time and relish in the nostalgia of browsing through racks of curated vintage wares. 


Find the Vagabondary Bus at upcoming events

Do you know of an event, market, or festival that could use a one-of-a-kind hippie bus popup shop? Let us know.