The Vagabondary Bus

Eileen the Vagabondary Bus

For as long as I remember, it's been my dream to get an old van to renovate and travel with. I fell in love with Volkswagen buses and all their nostalgic summer-of-love charm a long long time ago.

I'm beyond euphoric. Beyond thrilled. Beyond exuberant.

My dream is now a reality.


I am every synonym for excited to welcome a new member to the Vagabondary family. Meet Eileen. She's a '78 Volkswagen Transporter, also known as a Type 2, also known as a Kombi, also known as a Microbus, also known as the iconic symbol of the hippie era. 

In her past (last) life, Eileen was a movie star. The previous owners purchased it for a movie set in 1967. Once filming was over and they no longer needed the bus, they posted on Facebook that it was for sale. 

So...why do I have it now? 

My plan--dream, wish, lapse in judgment, whatever you want to call it--is to turn this gorgeous bus into a roving shop filled with Vagabondary designs, artwork, and vintage treasures. I want to take Eileen to festivals and events to offer one-of-a-kind treasures in a one-of-a-kind store. Maybe I'll rent her for photoshoots. Maybe drive her to the grocery store.

The possibilities are truly endless.

This is the first (very big) step into a new chapter of Vagabondary. Fortunately I happen to have two incredibly supportive parents who have a knack for helping me achieve my dreams. My mom is as artistic as they come and a total magician with interior decor on a tiny thrift store budget. My dad has never met a car he couldn't fix and is going to help me get Eileen both reliable and comfortable. 

I can't wait to bring you along with this amazing journey of a lifetime. Stay tuned to follow Eileen's progress.

And so the adventure begins.