Dark Desert Rose

It's been rainy here lately. The kind of rain where you look out the window and are shocked to see a suddenly darkened sky and sheets of water coming down.

One particularly stormy day, my coworker said that in French they say Il pleut des cordes, which means "It's raining ropes." It's basically the equivalent of "It's raining cats and dogs." Except it actually makes some sense.

So maybe it's the rain and dark skies at 3pm that inspired this look. Or maybe it was just my unwavering love of maroon that lasts through all the seasons. Who's to say?

I scored this peasant dress and the boots at my local KARM thrift store. I probably owned the exact same dress in 6th grade and that makes it even better. The hat came from an antique store (along with some adorable home decor).

No, I did not need anymore felt hats. Yes, I will buy every felt hat I find.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I recently made the move to my first very own apartment. I'm still working on unpacking and totally moving in, but I hope to share updates and possibly an apartment tour once I get settled in! 

The real stars of this picture are the kitties, Lavender and Honey. Can you spot them?