A New Home

After months of me toying with the idea of building a website just for Vagabondary, it's finally happened. For the past year or two of its life Vagabondary has existed as a blog on my personal website. Now, it has a new and permanent home here.

So...what exactly is Vagabondary?

I've spent the past two years working to figure that out myself. For the new folks, for the loyal friends and followers, and for me, I think now is a good time to dive into what Vagabondary means.

Vagabondary is a brand that was borne out of my passions and personal interests, and so is every-evolving along with me. In everything I do I want to create art. Not just the frame-on-a-wall kind of art but the kind that's crafted in the still moments among the trees and the busy moments in the workplace and all the moments in between. I believe art exists in the things we wear and the places we go and the words we say. Vagabondary is a kind of overflow of the things I couldn't keep inside.

I find my inspiration and rest most when I'm in nature, and so my art is often infused with those feelings. I see a revival happening around me in which people are learning to fall back in love with the earth. In the Digital Age, we are seeking the things that make us truly human. We also seek expression. We craft our own experiences and pursue our passions. And that's what I strive to do. For me, my style is a form of art. I wear and design clothing and art that reflects my experiences and the things I love. I want to share it with people who, too, are in pursuit of unique ways to express the things that make them who they are.

So I guess in a word-vomit-stream-of-consciousness kind of way, that's Vagabondary. That's the words I've never put down until now. The ones that have shaped this journey before they were even written. In short, Vagabondary is me. And I hope you'll find that Vagabondary is you, too.

If you'd like to know a little more about me, head over to the About page.