Now Open: Depop

For a long time, I've wondered how to fit my love of fashion, thrifting, and vintage clothes in with Vagabondary. I thought maybe through fashion blogging, or perhaps selling vintage clothes on Etsy, or even starting a web series about thrifting.

Nothing really seemed right. It wasn't me

Enter: Depop. 

Depop is an app that's basically the love child of Instagram and Ebay. It's an online market where people can buy and sell clothes, art, accessories, makeup, you name it. I've known about it for a while and toyed with the idea of joining the Depop community.

Through years of thrifting and getting hand-me-downs from some of my stylish family members, I've gathered up a collection of some incredible one-of-a-kind pieces. I recently moved into a new apartment after graduating college. Packing all my belongings made me realize that I have some really amazing clothing (and way too much of it).  This was the perfect final push that led me to open up my very own shop. After downsizing and donating a lot of old clothes to local thrift storms, I was left with a selection of the in-betweens: the stuff that was absolutely too cool to give away, but that didn't quite make the cut to my current closet. 

So without further ado, I would like to welcome you into my digital wardrobe. Step into the Vagabondary Depop shop. Make yourself at home. You might just find something you like.

PS - click any of the pictures in this post to shop them!