The Big Debut


You never really know how something will go until you actually try it. For the last few months, I've been working (along with my amazing parents) to get the Vagabondary Bus up and running. Yesterday, we tested it out as a mobile shop for the first time ever.

And it was amazing.

I've been a strange mixture of nervous and excited ever since I applied to be a vendor at my alma mater's homecoming festival. At first I wasn't even sure if they would let me set up. But Carson-Newman opened their arms and let me test drive my store.

The Vagabondary Bus stickers

The popup shop contained a little bit of everything: stickers and greeting cards from my online store, original prints of my artwork, and a whole big bunch of preloved clothes. 

I learned a lot from yesterday's experience. But most importantly I learned that I CAN do it. (With a lot of help + support from loved ones and lovely customers.) 

The Vagabondary Bus
The Vagabondary Bus

What did you think? If you were at the shop yesterday, I would love to know what you thought! It was my first time setting up a physical shop and the whole process has been one great learning adventure. Tell me in the comments what your favorite part was! 

Show me whatcha got. If you grabbed something from the store, be sure to hashtag #VagabondaryBus and tag on Instagram.

Got suggestions? Tell me where you want to see the Vagabondary Bus next. If you know of markets, festivals, or fairs that seem like a good fit for me n' Eileen, let me know! For now I'm scoping out markets near Knoxville, TN, but who knows where we'll go in the future? 

If you missed it this time, be on the lookout for future popups that I'll add to the event calendar as they come along!

The Vagabondary Bus

Learn more about the Vagabondary Bus here: